Best Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

Top 10 Jaisalmer Desert camps in Sam sand dunes and Khuri.

Jaisalmer Desert Camps | Jaisalmer is a host to 2 desert dunes sites to book a desert camp:

Sam (more famous) & Khuri

Sam is a very well known name for Jaisalmer tourists. They book a camp in Sam for adventure activities like Jeep safari, camel safari, chasing the sun etc. Khuri is known for its its village safari tours.

The below list of top 10 desert camps in Jaisalmer offers details on the camps tariff, location, images, etc which you can book directly or ask our team to get the discounted rates.

Top 10 best Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

prince desert camp jaisalmer

1. Prince desert camp

#Rated as no-1 Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Prince desert camp is one of most luxurious camp in Sam sand dunes Jaisalmer which situated in the Deep Desert of Jaisalmer, has been a recognized expert for Desert Camp Service from last 16 year. Managed by Mr. Gajendra Singh Rathore. The main attraction of the camp is sand dunes inside the camp. They Have 30 Luxurious Ac And Air cooled tent.

Location : Sam Sand dunes
Tariff :-  ₹4000-4500/- per Night


kanak jaisalmer camp jaisalmer

02 Kanak Jaisalmer Camp

#Rated as no-2 Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Kanak Jaisalmer: This is Kanak Jaisalmer, the most luxurious and expensive campsite in Jaisalmer. This camp has all the facilities you need. You will find everything you need here, from Private Pools to Private Dunes. This camp is located inwards near Kanoi village, 3 km before Sam Sand Dunes.
Kanak Jaisalmer offers 3 types of tents: Jaipur Suites, Jaisalmer Tent and jodhpur Tent.

Location : Kanoi
Tariff :-  ₹12000-15000/- per Night


Imperial Resort Jaisalmer

03- Imperial Resort

#Rated as no-3 Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Imperial Resort is a great option if you are looking for a pure vegetarian luxury camp in Sam Jaisalmer. Its beauty is enhanced with the lighting in this camp, as well as the interior of artificial waterfalls. The campsite’s peacock herds can be seen in the early morning. They have a total of 20 tents in the resort
You can book two types of tents at Imperial Resort, Imperial and Royal.

Location : Kanoi
Tariff :-  ₹3200-3500/- per Night


welcome desert camp Jaisalmer

04- Welcome Desert camp with swimming pool (Budget Friendly)

#Rated as no-4 Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

This camp is for those people who want to enjoy in the desert with a swimming pool in a low budget. There are total 45 tents. Here you can enjoy many other activities along with camel safari and jeep safari.

Location :Lakhmana Dunes
Tariff :-  ₹2200-3500/- per Night


tao's_lakhmanas desert camp jaisalmer

05- Tao Lakhmana desert Camp

#Rated as no-5 Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

We are going to tell your about a camp where you can do adventure and luxury camping. You can also have a private candle light dinner on Dunes here.
Things To do at Tao Camp-
Jeep safari, Camel safari, cycle zipline, Target Shooting, Archery, Body Zorbing, Bungee-Run, Many Types of Quad Biking, Zipline

Location : Sam Sand dunes
Tariff :-  ₹4500-7000/- per Night


Jain Empire Resort

06- Jain Empire Resort (Best Deal)

#Rated as no-6 Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Jain Empire is a luxury camp with modern amenities and offers the best camping experience along with Pure Vegetarian Resort. The tents in Jain Empire are very long and the bathrooms are clean and modern which adds to its beauty. Here you can book a room at 2500, in which you can enjoy safari, food, tea, breakfast, folk program and many facilities.

Jain Empire has a total of 32 Maharaja tents, including 10 air-conditioned tents.

Location : Sam Sand dunes
Tariff :-  ₹1800-2500/- per Night



07- Sujan Luxury The Serai

#Rated as no-7 Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

The only Luxury camp resort near Jaisalmer, The Serai desert camp offers everything that a luxury traveller looks for. There is a pool, Spa services, Ac tents and luxury safari tours.
The Serai Camp is located at Bherwa which is 132 km from Sam sand dunes & 45 km from Jaisalmer city.

Location :Bhairwa, chandan
Tariff :-  ₹25000/- per Night



08- The Mama’s desert camp, Khuri (Mid-Budget)

#Rated as no-8 Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

You are sure to find Mama’s camp if you are looking for the best resorts in sam sand dunes. Mama’s camp is an excellent mid-budget camp in Jaisalmer located in Khuri which is 40 km from Sam.
If you want to stay in a desert camp for more than a day and near a peaceful village, Mama’s camp is an excellent option. If you are also searching camp with personal swimmining pool then mamas Resort is A Great option in jaisalmer.
The camp fare is inclusive of a camel safari tour, 2 major meals, musical dance program with a camp accommodation for 2.

Location :Khuri
Tariff :-  ₹5000/- per Night


Winds desert Camp Jaisalmer

09- Winds Desert Camp

#Rated as no-9 Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Winds desert camp is 23 km from Sam sand dunes and is a host to 20 comfortable Swiss Tests with many attractions and facilities. The tent includes

1. A multi cuisine restaurant
2. Musical dance night
3. Arrangement for a desert safari tour

Location : Sam sand dunes
Tariff :-  ₹8000 -15000 /- per Night



10- Damodra Desert Camp (3 Star)

#Rated as no-10 Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Damodra desert camp is a known name among the many Swiss camps in Jaisalmer sand dunes. It has 10 camps, a stage for cultural program & a multi cuisine kitchen with good food.
The camp is located in Damodra village which is 15 km from Sam & 30 km west of Jaisalmer.

Location : Sam sand dunes
Tariff :-  ₹7000/- per Night


Jaisalmer desert safari

11- Bhawana Desert Camp (3 Star)

Bhawana Desert Camp & Resort is located opposite Sam Dunes in Jaisalmer. This is one of the best desert camp in Jaisalmer to assist tourists with all their travel needs and provide an authentic experience of desert life. With experienced staff, the resort ensures professional service and healthy food options for your comfort.

Location : Sam sand dunes
Tariff :-  ₹3500/- per Night


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